uyonwebParticipation in Elections in democratic society is a principal right and responsibility of citizens. Uganda Youth Network was accredited by the Electoral Commission to observe the elections and subsequently set up and deployed a team of Youth Domestic Observers under the Youth Coalition for Electoral Democracy (YCED) to participate in the election observation mission. The selected individual observer representatives were deployed across selected polling stations in the country.

On the 28th of February, the Youth leaders / youth delegates converged in different districts of Uganda including Masaka, Kabarole, and Gulu to elect their Regional Youth Members of Parliament. We commend the youth for endurance, determination and heeding to the various regional districts to elect their respective Members of Parliament.

While elections are meant to be a civil process, youth elections were marked by heavy deployment of regular military and auxiliary police personnel in the areas where these elections were being carried. Armored military vehicles have continued to patrol in the city based on unsubstantiated claims by the Police and there are still on-going arrests of citizens especially youths with no preferred charges.

This press release (Click HERE to Download) summarizes the key findings, conclusion and offers recommendations.

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