Uganda Youth Network (UYONET) and Crossing Borders (CB) with support from Civil Society in Development (CISU) have partnered to run a one-year “Keeping the Promise: Peaceful Youth Participation and Youth Policy Agenda Promotion in the Uganda 2016 National General Elections and Beyond” project. The project designed to empower young people to act as change agents for a new political culture of tolerance, non-violence and issue based participation during the electoral processes. The project is part of UYONET’s broader campaigns on the need for peaceful, non-violent and issued based youth participation ahead of Uganda’s 2016 general elections and beyond.

This project’s overall objective is to facilitate an empowered and peaceful youth population in Uganda that constructively participates in the country’s governance and development processes at large. Specifically, the project is being implemented based on three objectives, these include:

  1. To promote peaceful and non-violent youth participation in Uganda’s 2016 general elections through training peer educators in dialogue for peace processes, repeated youth targeted public messages calling for peaceful participation in the elections;
  2. To facilitate that youth issues get into the policy agenda in Uganda by lobbying for acceptance and uptake of the National Youth Manifesto 2016 – 2021 by all possible 2016 general election candidates;
  3. To follow-up on the uptake of the National Youth Manifesto and further lobby for youth issues visibility in the country’s policy discourse through lobby activities & meetings with key successful politicians and local leaders.

About the Project Partners

Uganda Youth Network (UYONET) is a national focused leading umbrella Youth CSO Network with 27 Networks across the country with a total of 147 individual member organizations that collectively work to mainstream young peoples’ engagement in development and governance processes in Uganda and beyond. UYONET was started in 2002 to respond to the increasing demand for a collective platform for research, training and policy advocacy for young people by young people. Since inception, UYONET has been positioning the youth to play a leading role in nation building by enhancing their visibility in policy and governance processes across Uganda and providing the necessary infrastructure for information sharing and networking through youth empowerment on critical issues, capacity building, lobby and advocacy, publicity and media. In addition, UYONET is an accredited entity by the Electoral Commission to conduct civic and voter education and election observation ahead of Uganda’s 2016 general elections. UYONET’s vision is “An empowered youth population participating in governance and development processes” and its mission is “To build, empower and sustain a vibrant youth network through advocacy, coordination and capacity building” For more information about UYONET, visit

Crossing Borders (CB) is a non-profit, civil society organization which works to provide young people and educators with knowledge about diversity and globalization as well as tools for creating space for dialogue among different cultures and viewpoints. Crossing Borders is based in Humlebæk, Denmark and has activities in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South America. Crossing Borders vision is a world at peace in which diversity is celebrated. The mission is to create dialogue space and to build the capacity of youth, media workers and educators. Crossing Borders goal is to enable people with different backgrounds to learn to live together on equal terms. For more information about Crossing Borders (CB), visit;

CISU - Civil Society in Development is an independent association of 280+ small and medium-sized Danish Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). All members are actively engaged in development work in Asia, Africa or Latin America - either as their main engagement or as part of their activities. CISU supports member organizations with advice and training, and manages the Civil Society Fund on behalf of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. CISU is located in Aarhus, Denmark's second largest city. Until April 2012, CISU was known as PATC - the Project Advice and Training Center. For more information about CISU, visit;

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