policyGenerate positive policy change on youth issues through successful advocacy on key priorities for youth

To  generate  policy  change  on  challenges  facing  the  youth,  UYONET  concentrates  on  four key themes; employment and economic empowerment; education, with a particular focus on vocational and technical education; government accountability and responsiveness, with a particular focus on corruption; and increasing access to youth-friendly health services. To form a solid knowledge base for its advocacy work, UYONET will develop policy research on its key themes. UYONET is also building coalitions to help it realize numbers and amplify youth voices to generate momentum to persuade decision-makers. As part of its advocacy efforts, UYONET uses a diverse range of strategies to influence decision-makers including lobbying and advocacy meetings, a media campaign, drafting and contributing to legislation, monitoring and tracking budgets and resources, and carrying out strategic public interest litigation.

To ensure that UYONET maintains sustained and effective advocacy initiatives, it will appoint a Policy Research and Advocacy Coordinator and strengthen its Youth Analysis Board. In its policy advocacy work, UYONET will make a firm commitment to ensure that its policy research and advocacy is inclusive in its focus on gender, disability, youth in post-conflict areas, and youth in high-poverty situations. To this end, UYONET will develop a set of strategies to promote inclusiveness in all program design and implementation.  These strategies will be applied throughout all components of the UYONET National Strategy.

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