Empower youth leaders in politics, civil society and other sectors to advocate effectively on issues of youth concern

Due  to  a  considerable  increase  in  elected  youth  politicians  and  the  growth  of  numerous youth organizations, youth leaders now have a sizeable presence in parliament, local councils, chairpersons of local governments, and in influential positions in civil society and the media. Making  these  numbers  translate  into  a  government  more  responsive  to  youth  needs  and demands, however, requires considerable support to young people who are still inexperienced in politics, lobbying and advocacy.

In support of elected officials and youth civil society activists, UYONET carries out training, coaching and mentoring initiatives aimed at improving the advocacy capacities and strategies of youth leaders at the district level. UYONET also offers technical assistance in advocacy programming to youth CSOs and CBOs interested in working as activists on youth issues at the district level. UYONET instituted quarterly forums at both the district and national level to provide frequent arenas in which youth leaders can meet with different groups of political and government leaders to follow up on youth concerns, and establish regular channels of communication to promote more responsive and accountable leadership on youth issues.
Finally, UYONET has established a leadership academy to provide extensive leadership training, mentoring and guidance to promising youth leaders with ambitions to make a difference for the country.

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