Develop a National Coordination Mechanism for Youth CSOs to Strengthen Overall Coordination and Communication of Youth Civil Society Organizations and Other Youth Associations

Although youth in Uganda constitute a significant majority of the population, they remain less influential than they might otherwise be due to limited organization and lack of a unified voice. Many national organizations that represent sections of the youth community have carried out few initiatives due to various institutional challenges. To ensure that youth demands are met, more widespread and effective organization of the youth is essential UYONET recognizes that it can provide a useful role in helping coordinate different youth organizations, associations and other bodies. To meet this challenge, UYONET is carrying out a mapping exercise to identify youth organizations throughout the country. In this exercise, UYONET will create a countrywide map of youth organizations. It will also establish their profiles, activity and engagement, while also assessing their organizational capacity and gaps, and their engagement and contribution to broader initiatives for youth.

Drawing on the results of this mapping exercise, UYONET will then develop a strategy to help these organizations meet their capacity gaps.  To help link the organizations, UYONET will establish a central coordination point for these youth organizations, and use this coordination point to help increase coordination between and engagement by youth organizations. Finally, UYONET will use this coordination mechanism to target groups with significant organizational potential, such as students, youth political leaders, and youth in the informal sector, and try to support their capacity building, coordination, engagement and integration, to help them participate more effectively in broader youth initiatives. Overall, these initiatives will contribute to a more organized, coordinated and active youth population that can advocate more effectively for positive change on behalf of youth.

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