launch Roadmap cropPromote peaceful and issue-based participation of youth in ongoing democratic processes ahead of the 2016 elections 

Despite their numbers, youth continue to be sidelined during decision-making processes related to campaigns and elections. Young people frequently lack the money required to run expensive election campaigns and become beholden to “godfathers” for the resources they mobilize during their campaigns. Due to their weaker resource base they are also more subject to bribery and the influence of money on their decisions. Finally, political leaders intent on using violence to disrupt the elections frequently employ squads of underemployed youth to intimidate their opponents or violently disrupt political activities. To mitigate the negative involvement of youth in electoral processes, UYONET encourages peaceful and issue-based participation of youth, while discouraging violent or corrupt involvement of youth in campaign and electoral processes.
UYONET influences participation of youth through a media campaign providing civic education, training and capacity building for current and future elected youth political leaders and political party leaders, and the development of the National Youth Memo to channel youth demands to leaders.

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