AGENCY FOR YOUTH DEVELOPMENT (AYODE) works to empower and promote the young people to engage and participate meaningfully in a range of social-economic, health, political and environmental issues for sustainable development.


Have empowered, proactive and prosperous youth, for social services in socio-economic, health and political development who will respond to sustainable developments


To empower and promote the youth socially, economically, culturally, and politically for self reliance


  1. Advocacy for youth centered programs
  2. Saving and credit schemes
  3. Commercial farming
  4. Computer services bureau
  5. HIV/AIDS sensitization
  6. Youth counseling and guidance services
  7. General hygiene
  8. Reproductive health and referrals

Type:     Network

Area:     Nebbi west Nile

Region:     Northern


Agency for Youth Development

P.O.BOX 73 Pakwach


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The National Strategy 2013 - 2017