Uganda Youth Society for Human Rights (UYOSHUR) is an Independent, Nonpartisan, Not for profit Youth led Human Rights Non-government organization founded by a group of youth leaders and young professionals against the background of the increasing ignorance of youth in issues of Human Rights and the law. As a national organization, UYOSHUR draws her members from all the regions of the country and membership is by either organizations or individuals who share in the vision of UYOSHUR.The organization works in partnership with other youth bodies both at national and international level to effectively foster her programs.

UYOSHUR is legally registered under the Non-government Organization Registration Statute 1989 file No.S.5914/11226 and duly incorporated under the Companies Act, Cap. 110 as a body corporate.

UYOSHUR Vision: A youth led organization effectively contributing to promotion of human rights for peace and Sustainable development in Uganda.

UYOSHUR Mission: To promote actions that enhance access to justice for marginalized youths.


  1. To enhance knowledge, respect and observation of human rights through provision of  Pro bono services, Conduction of Public interest litigation, Advocacy, Legal awareness programs, Investigation of human rights violations, publication of “Know your rights materials” and participation in campaigns to promote human rights for the vulnerable youth.
  2. To build capacity of vulnerable youth in social entrepreneurship skills for social – economic empowerment and to train them to become change makers in their communities.
  3. To promote youth participation in governance, anti-corruption and prevention of corruption through civic education.
  4. To Partner with other human rights groups and social movements to enforce the rights of the poor & marginalized people , to challenge any oppression, exploitation, and discrimination against any group of people or individual person on grounds of caste, gender, disability, age, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, health, economic or social status.
  5. To carry out all such lawful activities incidental, or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.


  • Accountability,
  • Transparency,
  • Multi stakeholder engagement,
  • Nondiscrimination.

Target: Youth residing in slum areas, Youth in refugee camps, Housemaids and Houseboys,  Youth as victims of gender based violence, Youth with disability, sex workers, Youth in informal business, Youth in politics and Young human rights activists in civil society, among others.


UYOSHUR objectives are categorized into five program areas;

  1. Human rights.
  2. Livelihoods.
  3. Governance.
  4. Anti-corruption and prevention of corruption.
  5. Advocacy.

All program areas are geared towards; “Enhancing youth access to justice”.

Justice literally means fairness. Access to justice is people’s ability to seek and obtain a remedy through formal and informal institutions of justice such as police, courts of law and ADRs.

Our programs have been designed to address the following gaps identified hindering access to justice by youth;

  • Fear and negative attitude towards the justice system.
  • Financial limitations to access legal services.
  • Inaccessibility of legal counsels especially in rural areas.
  • Ignorance of youth in court procedures.
  • Ignorance of youth in legal knowledge and human rights.
  • Long pretrial detention of suspects.
  • Torture of pretrial detainees
  • Recidivism.
  • Corruption in government services delivery.
  • Weak youth - adult partnerships in governance and inadequate ability of youth representatives in leadership to effectively articulate and tackle issues limiting youth access to justice.

Activities Design;

Provision of legal aid to vulnerable youth.
This is generally understood as free or subsidized services to eligible individuals or groups,
Mainly poor and vulnerable people, provided as a means to strengthen their access to
Justice, through legal information and education, legal advice and assistance, alternative
Dispute resolution (ADR) and/or legal representation.
UYOSHUR operates this program through a strategic framework that aims at solving Youth legal problems at the lowest and simplest level possible.

At UYOSHUR, we emphasize provision of legal information and education, giving Youth knowledge that they have rights under the law and how to exercise them. Such Knowledge and confidence can help in solving legal problems without recourse to the Courts, a cost-effective and empowering strategy. This is perceived as the cheapest and simplest form of legal aid.

Legal advice (explaining what the law means and how to exercise it in relation to a Concrete problem). Understood as helping a person to take legal steps to protect their rights, is often less costly than providing assistance.

Representation in court is often the last resort in circumstances where simpler and cheaper interventions have failed. Where necessary, the organization also employs litigation, strategically to benefit a large number of people.

Furthermore, the organization engages in Identification and creating networks of community youth paralegals who are then trained in basics of criminal law, court procedures, mediation skills and voluntarism. They are then loosely attached to local councils and local police posts to advise youth with legal challenges to access justice.
Some of our paralegals have testified how they access police cells to sensitize pretrial detainees on their rights such as how to apply for a police bond, training them to file their own applications for release and represent themselves in court.

UYOSHUR empowers vulnerable youth with social entrepreneurship skills to improve their social-economic livelihood. This involves training them to unearth their talents and interests and create ways to monetize them and or find opportunities through them, Train them to develop their ideas, work in teams, believe in themselves and give them leadership skills to bring up others around them, Train them how to start and manage social enterprises using the “CLOSE” approach i.e. CHEAP, LOCAL, ORGANIC, SMALL, EASY.

Anti-corruption and prevention of corruption is key in enhancing youth access to justice. UYOSHUR organizes accountability forums/platforms through which youth are given information on various government empowerment projects and empowered with knowledge in monitoring, reporting corruption, Participation in the national budget cycle, among others.

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P.o.Box 30826 Kampala-Uganda
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