The Leadership Academy is an initiative for a apply-nowmulti-faceted and generational change leadership training and mentoring programme intended to promote more pluralistic, representative and accountable governance in Uganda. The leadership Academy is a non-academic but certified programme with a wide range of leadership/political training programmes to young people in their diversities.The program will be delivered by a combination of academics, political leaders, civil society actors and persons from the formal and informal sector.

The Academy begun in 2014 and annually targets 120 current and prospective young leaders for non-academic coursework, leadership training, mentoring and field based engagements to enable put new skills to practical use in both public and private institutions including local governments, parliament, political parties, and civil society among others. The Academy in 2014-2015 was a joint initiative involving the Uganda Youth Network as the principle convener and the International Republican Institute as an implementing partner. The two institutions bring a wide array of distinct expertise:

International Republic Institute (IRI) is a ‘not for profit’ organization dedicated to advancing freedom and democracy worldwide by developing political parties, civic institutions, open elections, democratic governance and the rule of law. In order to achieve increased leadership and management skills of sub-national political party officials, IRI in partnership with UYONET implemented training activities under the leadership Academy. The Leadership Academy will brought together political party leaders from both national and sub-national levels for basic leadership skills training. A study conducted by IRI revealed that oftentimes, the national-level and sub-national party structures do not effectively communicate with each other, nor do party officials from the various levels invest in building the relationships that are needed to create cohesive organization that operate seamlessly. In addition, the assessment revealed that political parties do not invest in young cadres and don’t offer training opportunities.

It is expected that through the leadership Academy, these trainings will contribute significantly in bridging this gap.UYONET looks forward to strengthening and structuring its youth leadership programme in a more sustainable manner to develop holistic and transformative leaders.

Technical Eligibility Requirements

The Leadership Academy is a demand driven initiative where selection of fellows is competitive, merit-based, open to Ugandan current and prospective young leaders. The following technical eligibility will apply;

  1. Applicants are between the ages of 20 and 35 years at the time of application
  2. Ugandan citizens and active in leadership in a political party or civil society organization (Exceptional independent political leaders will be considered).
  3. Have at least studied and obtained a Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education or its equivalent and proficient in reading, writing and speaking English.

Application Process

  1. A public call will be issued in a national newspaper as well as through other communication media including the UYONET and IRI websites, social media platforms and public notice boards. A period of 25 working days will be given as a response period.
  2. The Academy management unit will be set up to manage among others the Academy selection process taking into consideration regional balances, political affiliations, gender and disability concerns.
  3. Applicants officially seconded by their political party or organization will stand a higher chance of being selected.


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