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Membership Guidelines

Membership to UYONET is by registration and is open to all registered youth organizations, Networks and individuals, who shall by their respective overt action, agree with, adhere to and otherwise support, protect and defend the objectives of UYONET. Membership is through application to the secretary of the Board there by determined by the board with the approval of the general assembly.

The following are the UYONET categories of membership;

Ordinary membership: This category is open to youth organizations and Networks described in Article 5.1. of UYONET constitution as long as they are desirous of joining UYONET, provided that such organizations are registered and shall subscribe to the objectives of UYONET ;

Network Membership: This category of membership is specific to legally established networks/coalitions or consortia of youth organizations with a combined membership of not less than 5 individual organizations.

Legally known Nongovernmental organizations whose combined membership/affiliation is not less than 5 youth organization.

Associate membership: This category is where desired; open to distinguished global citizens whose patronage, encouragement and unflinching support are specially recognized and registered by UYONET.   Individuals or groups of individuals, institutions and bodies who help to further the objectives of UYONET, whether morally or, materially or otherwise.

Honorary membership: This category is open to distinguished citizens and friends of the republic of Uganda, whose patronage, encouragement and unflinching support are specially recognized and registered by UYONET.


Criteria for application/registration:
Any organization interested in joining UYONET should fill in the UYONET Membership Application Form that is subject to verification in line with Article 5 of the UYONET constitution once delivered to UYONET. Membership fee is USH. 50,000/=. Annual subscription is USH. 20,000/= for Community Based Organisations (CBOs) and UGX. 30,000/= for Non-Government Organisations (NGOs). Annual subscriptions and membership fees is determined and streamlined from time to time by the Board subject to the formal approval of the General Assembly.

Our Membership Application Form is available for Download HERE; Fill in, address and Deliver it to:

The Executive Director,
Uganda Youth Network,
Plot 55A, Kimera Road, Ntinda,
P.O Box 33268, Kampala – Uganda.

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