UYONET with support from the FORD Foundation is implementing a Youth Initiative for Empowerment, Learning and Development (YIELD) is a two-year program designed to build and strengthen grassroots social economic systems to open up opportunities and promote learning among the youth for meaningful participation and contribute to policy processes.

UYONET through the YIELD  program is enhancing  capacity of grass root youth organisations and  building a youth development workers professional’s movement in the country. This is done through a supportive policy approach in public policy processes to inform a youth sensitive policy direction as well as, develop functional systems that promote knowledge sharing and learning for economic transformation of communities

The program approach is to enhance the institutional and organizational technical capacities of youth organizations through a variety of methodologies that shape youth individual competencies, collective capabilities, assets and relationships. Through this approach, the program will be able to espouse knowledge generation and youth peer-learning as a cornerstone to economic empowerment.

The program seeks to promote peer to peer knowledge sharing regarding livelihood policies that can benefit young people to address the key issues of youth participation in influencing livelihoods related policy engagements, enhancing accountability on youth livelihoods initiatives as well as bridge the gap in skills development for young men and women.

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