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Our History

UYONET was founded in 2002 as a Youth Analysis Board (YAB) and later registered as an independent national youth initiative with the overall mission to redefine the role and contribution of the Ugandan youth in the governance and development processes in the country.

It was conceived by a group of young people, then student leaders in Uganda public Universities, who during the formative days of reintroduced plural politics in Uganda were concerned about the status of the country’s governance and leadership. They were convinced that reforming the Ugandan state required young and vibrant leadership. This necessitated the organized involvement of young people in Uganda’s democratic processes.

Following the formation of UYONET,  there was structured dialogue among young people from the different sectors in Uganda on how to radically redefine the role of young people in political, economic and social discourses were facilitated by UYONET, starting with the the formation of a loose coalition of young people called the Youth Analysis Board (YAB) that eventually transformed into UYONET as a legally registered entity.

The Coalition marked the first time that a group of young people met to deliberate on the future of the country and their role in it. YAB made far-reaching resolutions aimed at mainstreaming youth leadership and political participation in all spheres of national life. From then henceforth, UYONET sought to work towards putting youth at the centre of national leadership and governance processes.

UYONET, has in the last fourteen years, evolved into a premier youth organization, registering phenomenal growth in stature through fostering positive change by mobilizing youth consciousness and nurturing young ethical leadership across the Republic.

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