ngoforum-logoThe Uganda National NGO Forum (UNNGOF) was formed in 1997, to create a broad based national body for NGOs to come together in their diversity to pursue a collective agenda of engagement with government and other stakeholders. It was registered with the NGO Registration Board in 2001 and currently has more than 520 member organizations. These include district networks and district based NGOs, national NGOs and national networks and international NGOs. The mission of the organization is to; provide a sharing and reflection platform for NGOs to influence governance and development processes in Uganda, and enhance their operating environment.

UNNGOF is seeking the services of an external consultant to help conduct an “End of Term” Evaluation for their 2-015 – 2015 Strategic Plan. The purpose of the evaluation is to provide those involved in the implementation of the plan with information on the progress made in the process of implementation, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that have been identified and draw lessons for ‘rolling-over’ the strategic plan. The findings will contribute to possible reorientation or insertion of innovative actions and interventions to eventually optimize outcomes as per the new 3 year strategic plan.

The evaluation will involve all 5 program areas of the Strategic Plan and the standalone interventions that have been implemented under the Strategic Plan and funded by UNNGOF or jointly with other partners.

Application Deadline: January 18th, 2016.
Details of the Call can be Downloaded HERE

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